Friday, May 26, 2006

Andrew and Geta: About Us

We met in 1999 in the village of Rusca Montana, Romania while I (Andrew) was on a short-term missions trip with my home church, Bridgeport Chapel. I returned to Romania in September of 1999 to attend Caransebes Bible Institute; Geta also attended.
By the grace of God, we were married January 28, 2001 in the village we had met in -- Rusca Montana. We graduated from Caransebes Bible Institute in May of 2002, and came to America so Geta could get her U.S. citizenship, allowing her to be able to travel to other countries much easier, and allowing her to come to the U.S. without having to apply for a special visa every time.
God gave us Joseph Andrew on December 24, 2002; Ammishaddai Rose on February 10, 2005; and Elijah Lester on February 26, 2006.
We believe that God has called our family to minister to and with the Romanian people, and so we have been preparing for a while now to return to Romania, where we will be living as missionaries, and raising our family.
Our Departure date is August 1, 2006.
Please pray that God will continue to lead us and direct us clearly to do what He wants us to do. Please pray that He will continue to provide for us, as we have seen Him do so remarkably. Thank you for your prayers...God bless each of you! Posted by Picasa

A Family Picture

This is a new blog, and we are new at blogging; we hope this will be an interesting and informative way for our family and friends to see how we are doing as time passes, and what is going on in the ministries in which we are involved, in Romania. This is a picture of our family, taken April 29, 2006, in Monmouth, Oregon USA. Parents are Andrew and Geta, and children (L-R) are Joseph (3yrs), Ammishaddai (14mos) and Elijah (2mos). Posted by Picasa