Monday, November 17, 2008

T4: The Transporter

Dear Family and friends, and with special recognition to the Bridgeport Chapel youth group, we are thrilled to finally show you the van that God has provided for our family here in Romania.
It was one year ago today that the youth group of Bridgeport Chapel put on one of the greatest (and funniest) fundraisers that we have seen. The goal of that fundraiser was to raise money for our family to be able to purchase a van for personal and ministry use.
We had been praying for over a year for God to provide a van for us, and He brought us one directly from Germany, basically just like we had wanted and prayed for. We have a great God! We paid the equivalent of about $4,700 for this van (including the tax to register it), about half of which was raised solely at the Bridgeport Chapel youth group fundraiser of November 17, 2007.
So on the one year anniversary of that fundraiser, it is with pride in how faithful our God is, and with deep gratitude to all those who sacrificed their time, talent, money, support, and prayed along with us that we present some pictures of that van here for you.

The van is a 1993 Volkswagen Transporter, or T4 for short; it has a 1.9 liter diesel engine, and gets excellent mileage for a van of this size.

We had hoped to have a license plate that said "MH 07 BPC" to honor the Bridgeport Chapel youth group, but that was not available. However, the letters we received with "CRF" at the end make us think of "crucified" or "Christ Reigns Forever". Either way it's great!

Although the van does need some body work, the motor is in very good shape. It has room for eight people, but we do not have a rear seat yet for the van. We are praying that God will provide one for us at a good price.
To the Bridgeport Chapel youth group: witness the results of your special efforts for the glory of God; may each of you be blessed this day, knowing that you did this for Him!
Thank you again to each of you who sacrificed your time, talent, money, support, and prayed along with us for this gift from God.
Please pray with us that that God will provide a rear bench seat for the van, that He will keep His hand upon the van, and that it will be used to bless others and glorify the One who is above all!
Andrew, Geta, and family
please note: we now have a page on Facebook as well; we have also added a few various pictures there.