Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Play: The Three Trees

This is a video of a play that Geta did together with the Sunday School kids here in Romania on Christmas Sunday. It is a simplified version of the story "The Three Trees" (or in Romanian, "Povestea Celor Trei Copaci"). Geta only had a couple Sundays to get the kids ready, but they do fine. I drew the outline of the pictures, and the Sunday School kids had fun coloring them.
Our daughter Ammi is the first tree, Elijah appears as a carpenter, and Joseph  as a woodsman. Another boy, also appearing as a woodsman, is not one of our regular Sunday School kids, but has been coming fairly often to our youth meetings; he wanted a part in the play too (which was great), so we got to include him as well.
The video is made using a cell phone, so the quality is not very good, but those of you that are familiar with the story can figure it out pretty easily. The audio quality is also not very good so you'll have trouble hearing the Romanian. We hope you'll enjoy it for what it is though.
Take care and may God continue to bless you!
Andrew & Geta