Friday, April 17, 2015

Readjusting to Life

                                    Geta holds the twins, Jonathan (L) and Nehemiah (R),
                                              on their 5 month birthday, April 15th, 2015.

Dear Family and Friends,
it's been just over a month since we returned to Romania, and it sometimes seems like we are still settling in. Life has been somewhat hectic, between trying to get settled in here in the apartment we are using as a temporary home, and going to different places to catch up with insurance and taxes that need to be paid; picking up some things we needed from our stuff that's all packed away at Geta's father's house, and trying to do some shopping for supplies needed where we live. It's a 50km round trip from where we live right now to do shopping, so we really need to plan ahead! If only they would build a Waremart Foods five minutes from here...
We have also been enjoying visiting friends and relatives here and spending time with them, as well as going to some different churches. We went to the church in Hobita on one of the first Sundays we were back in Romania, and that was wonderful to see people there, and get to share a little bit about the amazing ways God has worked in our lives over the past year and a half.
Also, Easter Sunday was just last week (a week later than in the United States), and that was a weekend full of comings and goings and lots of ministry opportunities as well. Sunday morning we were at the church in Rusca Montana, where Geta grew up and where we were married. I had the message during the service, and Geta translated - it was a great to be back at that church and to have Geta at my side translating! That afternoon we visited many relatives, and went home ready for rest.
Monday morning was what the Romanians call the second day of Easter, and we were blessed to be able to spend the day with our good friends Cosmin and Mari. We went to church in the village of Dalci in the morning, and then the village of Zlagna for the evening service. I had the message again at both of those services, and it was great to have Cosmin translate for me both times. In between the services we went and saw another village (and small church there) in Cicleni, and also enjoyed fellowship with Cosmin and Mari at their home. That evening we arrived tired again and ready for bed. But we had a wonderful couple of days, and thouroughly enjoyed our time in ministry with others.
Please continue to be in prayer for us. Our prayer requests currently are: The twins Nehemiah and Jonathan - they have been sick with a pretty bad cough for over a week (it's especially bad at night) and it just seems like it's taking a long time for them to get better. Place of ministry and place to live - we have been praying that God will show us just the right place that he wants us to minister, where we can best serve him; also we have been praying for God to provide a house for us to live in. Many of you know this already from talks we've had or times we've shared in church. Please continue to pray that we will see and understand his will for us!
Thank you for your continued prayers and support, we love you!
Serving Christ together with you,
Andrew & Geta Roby and family